You and Network Marketing

Are you truly successful in what you are doing today ?
Would you continue doing it even if you did not receive  a single rupee for the same.
Does you current job/business/profession, assure you security for your family even after you discontinue doing it ?

If the answer to even one of the above mentioned questions is “NO”, you need to continue reading…

In today’s busy and hectic life the single most important demand that all of us struggle to meet up with, is that of TIME! Why is it that Time along with money, never seems enough ? That’s because of the manner in which each one is busy creating income either through a job, profession, business or industry. Let us consider each one and see where you stand in life today and whether that is truly what you want to be a part of, for the rest of your life.

Jobs are not only hard to get, but harder to retain. Long years of education, sacrifice and effort mean nothing when all they fetch you is a salary that rarely matches your worth!

Whether you accept it or not, your employer definitely controls your destiny! He decides how much you deserve to earn, which in turn decides each of the following:

* Where you should live ?
* Where your children can study?
* Where and when you can take a vacation?
* What vehicle you can use? Etc..

After  years of efforts all you get is 10% to 15% increment while your long hours of work have helped your employer realize his big dreams so that he lives in a bigger home, drives a better car and takes vacation abroad!

You are thus, a victim of 50 40 30 plan, which means you work at least 50 hours a week, for a least of 40 years and retire on 30% pension.

There is never enough savings to fulfill your dreams and desires even after retirement. Of course, it is impossible to save enough to start your own business, thus leaving you and your family’s survival at the mercy of your job forever.

Why not find out exactly how much you are worth and do what it takes to enjoy the benefits of financial and personal freedom, rather than remain in debt and deep living in the same house, through the same job, for the rest of your life?

Why not work hard for your own dreams and retire financially free in the next 5-8 years?


Professionals, regardless of their fields, be it medicine, law or accountancy, face a “no-win, situation today. They are either making lot of money because of their talent and experience in that field but have no time to enjoy the same with their family, OR they end up having neither money nor time at the end of the day!

You as a professional may be having an income that is much higher than those doing a job, but, you have to constantly update your knowledge to maintain that income and work long hours!

Usually, the more money you make, the lesser time you have to enjoy that money. Long vacations become a dream and even when you manage to go away for a week or two, the constant fear of losing clients, does not allow you to enjoy even that short holiday!

You are earning solely on basis of your ability to work/perform. Consequently, you cannot be replaced or substituted by your spouse in your absence so you cannot even afford to be sick for a long time! This leads to insecurity about your income source which is a very risky one, since it is entirely dependent on one person – YOU!!! 🙂


No matter how much you would like to believe you are the owner of your business, it is not true, because you don’t control your business, your business controls you!

You face day to day hassles with regard to increasing competition, constant expense of updating know-how and technology, your stock, debtors, creditors and thinning margins of profits etc.

If you desire to free yourself from these mounting pressures, you seriously need to take a look at a Unique NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS so that you can appreciate everything it can give you, which you would never otherwise get by continuing your present business, within the next 2 to 6 years.


Running an industry means constant stress due to workers unions, fierce competition, rapidly changing customer preferences etc., and stress can lead only to ill-health.

Apart from everything else you may gain by running on industry, after years of hard work, one thing is assured – it definitely gives you stress-related health problems.

Investments in shares and other related securities go bad overnight, adding further tensions. Inefficient, unreliable and sometimes even corrupt employees are another major part of this deal.

Family life, of course, is almost non existent and consequently the fun of making a lot of money and being famous in totally lost……
You certainly did not study and work so hard for this day to day endless drudgery, did you?

In spite of the above mentioned drawbacks, why do you work so hard in your job/business of profession?

You do it t fulfill the dreams of –

  • Securing your family while you are fit and fine.
  • Material luxuries -A better home, car, personal possessions -Home Theater.
  • Higher education for your children in abroad and in your country.
  • Discharge of debts – Business and Personal
  • Vacation abroad
  • Charity
  • Peaceful financial retirement before 65 years of age.
  • Pursuing hobbies, sports or other personal or spiritual goals etc.

How many above mentioned dreams do you actually, successfully realize after putting in 30 – 40 years of your life’s prime time in doing hard work ? Not too many!!!



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