Luck is a Fickle Lady in Network Marketing

Don’t count on luck to make you wealthy.

The truth is, counting on luck is for losers. But luck can be made to work in your favor if you prepare for it. How do you prepare for luck?

You prepare for luck by educating yourself about the business and investment opportunities you’re interested in, focusing your energies and financial resources on building your empire, and being at the port when your ship comes in. Consider this example:

During the annual convention for a multi-level marketing company a man named Sam Hinkle was invited onto the stage to be recognized as a “Gold Executive,” the highest distributor position in the company. The emcee announced to the awe stricken audience that Sam’s annual income exceeded one million dollars. As the excited crowd settled down, I heard a woman next to me say, “He’s so lucky. I never have luck like that.”

Later that evening I had the privilege of meeting one of Sam’s associates, so I asked him to define for me what made Sam successful. The man said, “Sam has worked sixteen hours a day, every day of the year, for the best three years building his business. He calls around fifteen prospects a night, and hosts opportunity meetings almost nightly. And, you should see his garage. It’s like a bookstore, packed with books, tapes, and videos on how to work the business. Sam works hard. He’s earned every penny he’s ever made.”

Is Sam lucky? Yes. But Sam makes his own luck through hard work and perseverance.

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