Get Involved in Network Marketing

Before you can expect to succeed in network marketing, you must get involved in network marketing.

Your invitation to the world of network marketing may come in any one of many different forms. Some network marketers find classified ads effective, whereas others succeed through cold calling. The tried and true method is to discuss the opportunity with the people you know (friends, relatives, co-workers, and ideally, steady customers) then expand your organization size through helping those recruits introduce people to the opportunity from their own personal spheres of influence.

Either way, to become successful in network marketing, you must get involved. Being involved is not limited to joining. Being involved means taking an active role in building your own business, attending opportunity meetings weekly, conducting training seminars in your living room, using the product or service you market, and sharing the opportunity with everyone you meet.

After serving most of my adult life in the military I had become accustomed to following other people’s orders and working to achieve other people’s dreams and missions. At the time that was what I was paid and expected to do. I had sworn to do my duty and follow the orders of those placed over me. As a civilian I had to learn to take charge of my own life, to become a leader, rather than just a follower. (Unknown)

The motivational speaker and writer, Les Brown, often states: “You gotta be hungry.” “Hunger” is a metaphor for the desire to chart your own course in life through self-leadership. How hungry are you? How bad do you want to succeed in your own business? Decide today to become a leader. Take charge of your life by getting involved and adopting a “take no prisoners” attitude.

If you have yet to join a network marketing company, look for a company that meets the following criteria:

• Has been around for over 5 years.
• Has a sound management team and history of paying its bills.
• Sells high quality, consumable products not readily available in retail stores.
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• Offers direct purchase of product from the company, not through your sponsor.
• Pays distributor checks directly to you, not your sponsor.
• Offers professional marketing materials, such as catalogs and training videos.
• Has a simple compensation plan (matrix) you can describe on a paper napkin.
• Is not overly blasted by negative comments on Internet chat rooms.
• Most of all, be sure your sponsor is somebody you respect and want to emulate.

The quickest way to find the answers to most of these points is to go to and conduct a search on the company name. Avoid the company-sponsored websites at first. You want the candid truth from the general public. But, keep in mind that every successful company has its share of horror stories and disgruntled former distributors.

For example, look at Amway (I do not represent Amway). This company has probably produced more network marketing millionaires than any other and has a long history of producing quality products and honoring its financial obligations, yet you will have no problem finding numerous websites warning you to stay away from Amway. Consider the source. Weigh the evidence. Then decide for yourself what is right for your personality and goals.

There are hundreds of opportunities out there, so do your homework. Know what you’re getting in to. When you join a company, you become part of a team. Be loyal to that team and support it, just as you would your son’s high school football team.

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