Don’t Forget to Communicate

“Be aggressive! Not in a violent manner, but be aggressive in your

driving, forceful energy to get whatever you are after.”

Human beings share information through communication, and as your organization grows, it will become more and more critical for you to adopt effective communication techniques.

One interesting and effective way to do this is through a newsletter–an organizational newsletter written, produced, and distributed by you.

Why a newsletter? Because a newsletter will keep the members of your Downline informed and lend an air of professionalism to the conduct of business in your group. Some elements you may wish to include in your newsletter:

• Scheduled meetings
• Upcoming events
• New members
• Training tips
• Inspirational quotes
• Product information
• Sponsoring company policy updates
• Testimony of member successes

Tom Watson, founder of IBM, believed start up companies often make the mistake of assuming they are too small to engage in big league activities, such as national marketing campaigns, international recruitment, etc. He called this a “small time” mentality. Even if you are just getting started, and haven’t even convinced your spouse to help you yet, begin to think big. Go ahead and develop a newsletter (circulation: 1), plan training meetings, and host home opportunity meetings. Think big to be big.

Does your company or Upline produce a monthly newsletter?

Go to the Internet and sign up for five free newsletters. These are typically distributed via email. If you do not have email, go to and create a free account. It’s easy. I’ve used Yahoo email for years with very few problems.

Study each newsletter you receive. Many e-zine producers have back issues archived on their websites. This is a great resource. With a little effort you can research the back issues and become an expert in a specific area within hours. List a key point that you like about each newsletter you study:


Start your own newsletter and distribute it to your Downline. Even if you have only one distributor in your organization, start a training and news service, now. You don’t have to offer your letter to the Internet, just type up product information, special offers, recruiting and sales goals, meeting announcements, etc., and pass copies to your people. You may also want to produce a letter designed to keep your customers informed. In all cases, do not misrepresent your company. Also, some companies have policies regarding newsletters, so know the rules that apply to you. Why not talk to your sponsor about this? You’re supposed to be partners. Work together.

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