Don’t Alienate Family and Friends

Some of your sponsors and trainers will ask you to “flush” family and friends that won’t accept your new lifestyle. While it’s true that some people close to you may prove discouraging, if not flat out negative, don’t let this get you down. These people are still important to you. Don’t let business get in the way of relationships.

In the network marketing business, you need to recognize that people may have other goals than yours. They may not see the potential for success that you see in the network marketing arena.

They may be at a point in a career (job) or emotional crisis that prevents them from being receptive to opportunity. Some may eventually come along, while others will never change–even after you prove successful.

Business is business,
family is family.
Sometimes, the two
just won’t

The important thing to remember is not to alienate friends and family members. Love them even more for their stubbornness and heart felt concern for you. Help them rise above their ruts in life by being as successful as possible. Your testimony of success may influence them to join you, and when they do, you have truly succeeded, because family and friends working towards a common goal cannot be stopped.

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