Cultivate the Discipline of Self-Improvement

“If you always live with those who are lame, you will yourself learn to limp.”


How long has it been since you’ve attended a training seminar, listened to a motivational tape, or read a business book (other than this one)? Do you believe that your education ended the day you graduated from high school or college?

Effective network marketers know that education and self-improvement is an ongoing process. There is no end to it, and in fact, the process itself is to them, one of the greatest rewards in life.


is an ongoing
Enjoy the journey.


Your access to educational opportunities is not limited to registering for a course at your local college. Here are a few alternative ways to improve your mental attitude, speaking skills, sales techniques, and overall business acumen:

A.) Attending seminars and conferences should be a monthly habit. Check your local newspaper and organizational newsletter for information, and make it a goal to participate in any training available to you.


B.) Participate in training sessions that you host in your home, or those sponsored by members of your Upline. Remember, in an active network marketing company, there is an opportunity meeting or training session going on somewhere within decent driving time nearly every night of the week. How bad do you want to go? Ask around, and invite yourself and a guest.


C.) Listen to tapes in your car while driving to work, or while driving a prospect to an opportunity meeting. The point is, you can turn hours of dead time spent in cars into a virtual classroom. It takes about 480 hours of classroom work to complete a master’s degree in college. How long would it take you to acquire a comparable education specifically geared to your business, just by listening to tapes in the car?


D.) Post inspirational and informative quotes around your house, such as on the bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator, on the television, next to your bed, at eye level on doors, etc.

E.) Read a good business or motivational book, then share what you learned with your organization during the next training session.

F.) Watch a video, then share it with another member of your organization, or play it during the reception part of your opportunity meetings.


Having knowledge and not using it, is like starting your car, but never backing out of the driveway. It may feel good, sitting in the driver’s seat snug and comfortable, revving the engine and watching the dials and gauges vibrate, but where does it get you? In the end, you’re still sitting in the driveway. To succeed, you must take action and put this newly acquired knowledge to work, now. And this is the subject of the next principle.


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