Common Objections In Network Marketing

Objections are a way of life for the network marketer. We all face them. The difference between a successful network marketer and one who quits in frustration, is how these objections are handled. The first thing I learned about overcoming objections is not to get in verbal arguments with a prospect. You will always lose. Your objective is not to win in a shouting match, but to educate the prospect about your business opportunity.

Here are some of the more common objections you will hear. The responses are in a format similar to what you may say to a prospect. Remember, don’t argue, and try to use the feel-felt-found technique whenever possible.

1. I don’t have the time.

Who does? We all have the same 24 hours per day. We all have work and family obligations. Before I got started in this opportunity, I felt it would be impossible to find one evening a week to attend an opportunity meeting, or the time to spend talking to customers on a Saturday afternoon. But once I got started, and realized the potential of owning my business, the excitement started to put other things in perspective. Network marketing has changed my life. I’m excited about getting up in the morning. I spend my weekends talking to people rather than hanging out in front of my television. It’s amazing, actually. I think I have more time now, than I did when I started this business. The next section addresses this subject in more detail.

2. I’m afraid I’ll lose my money.

This is not like the stock market, or speculating on cotton futures. All you will be risking is the price of your enrollment. There is no minimum inventory purchases you have to make. And no monthly dues to pay. The minute you make a sale, you start receiving an income. The idea in this business is to attract money, not spend it. It has been said that the easiest thing about money is losing it. But I don’t want your money. I want you on my team. We can work together, and without risking the mortgages on our homes, operate businesses on our own.

3. I can’t afford it.

There’s nothing to afford. I’m not asking you to buy a bunch of product. The enrollment fee is very low, less than price of lunch for a week.

4. I would be embarrassed.

The seeds of embarrassment lie in doing something that you would be ashamed of. The company I represent offers a quality product to its customers, and has a proven track record of meeting its financial obligations in the marketplace. We have a strict code of conduct, which we all follow, and we do not engage in any illegal or unethical business practices. I’m proud to be a representative of my company. Rest assured, you will be a part of a winning team. That is nothing to be ashamed about.

5. I’ve heard network marketing is a pyramid.

Network marketing has been given a bad rap here, due mainly to shady dealers. All industries have unscrupulous members. A pyramid is an operation that charges exorbitant fees to become a distributor, and does not make any effort to sell a product or service. The company makes money by collecting enrollment fees. Kind of like a chain letter. I can assure, the company I work with offers a quality product, and its enrollment fee is very low, just to cover the company costs for your initial product samples and processing of your account. I would never be associated with an illegal operation, and would not ask you to join one either.

6. I had a friend in MLM. He never made a dime.

I hear this a lot, and to be honest with you, many people do not make in network marketing. But it isn’t the fault of the marketing concept. Ask your friend what his monthly sales volume was. How can you be a distributor for a product, representing a legitimate company, and not make a commission on a sale? Success in this business comes down to selling a product or service. Of course you won’t make a dime if you have not made any sales.

7. I don’t think I could recruit.

Guess what? I know how you feel. I use to feel that way myself. But then I found I did not have to actively recruit. I’m only talking to you now because you have used my products and said they do everything you expect them to do. If you choose to join with me, I’ll help you find some customers and teach you how to provide them with excellent service. When you’re ready to grow your business, all you have to do is ask your satisfied customers if they are interested in becoming a distributor. I don’t think of myself as a recruiter. All I’m doing is matching the opportunity with people like myself, who want an extra income and a shot at making some bucks.

8. What about returns. I don’t want to have a garage full of junk.

Quality network marketing companies, the type I hope you want to be involved with, accept returns, especially if the product is defective in any way. When faced with this objection I remind the prospect that he or she will not be filling the garage with product. In fact, most companies discourage stock piling of inventory. I buy product for my personal use, to give away as samples, and to fulfill orders. I do not buy boxes of products just to have around the house. Let your prospect know that massive purchases of inventory is not necessary to succeed in this business, then redirect the conversation to discussing the benefits of joining, such as purchase discounts, commissions on sales, and the opportunity itself.


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