Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

“The only thing I am afraid of is fear.”

Are you comfortable? Are you happy with the status quo? Do you like where life is taking you?

Some people claim to be happy with minimum wage jobs (legalized slavery), and retirement plans that offer to pay half of what people can’t live off already. How can they be happy?

These people are not truly happy. They are content. To be content means to accept your lot in life without question. Being content is “comfortable.” Nobody asks anything of you. Nobody expects anything of you. You never have to worry about being disappointed or rejected, because comfort demands that you not ask for anything.

Is this the life you want to live? If not, what are you willing to do to jar your comfort seeking soul out of its inertia? Sooner or later you will need something extra to cover hospital bills, college tuition, weddings, a retirement home, and on and on. In your quest for comfort will you rely on family or society to provide you with these things? Why not take matters into your own hands by doing the things you may find distasteful or uncomfortable.

“I’m not comfortable
with that,”
is just an excuse.
Get uncomfortable if
you expect to get
comfortable (rich).

Here are some frequently heard excuses for not getting up and making success happen. Study them, and consider your position on each excuse. Is there room for self-improvement?

1. I’m uncomfortable calling people.

Get over it. The business world rarely rewards a whiner.

2. I don’t like asking people to spend money.

Calvin Coolidge once said, “The business of America is business.” We are a nation of entrepreneurs and salesmen, and every sane adult in this country knows it. People are sold things everyday of the year. What are you trying to do that is so different? All you’re doing is offering them a personal service, and your word that the product is worth the money you’re asking. That’s better than they will ever get from the local department store. Swallow your pride. There is nothing to be ashamed of, provided your sponsoring company is legitimate and offers a high quality product or service.

3. I feel uneasy about inviting people to an opportunity meeting.

Why did you join the multi-level marketing company you joined? Do you believe in the product? Are the people in our upline respectable, hard-working people? Do you believe the opportunity is administered fairly to all distributors? Do you think other people deserve to hear about the opportunity as you did? Is it right to prejudge how other people may feel about the opportunity?

I think you’re getting the drift of these questions. Don’t feel uneasy about discussing the opportunity; rather, embrace it as your chance to show the people you care about a means of their escaping the drudgery of insecure, minimum wage jobs, and poverty stricken retirement plans.

4. I’m not the sales type.

Who is? Do you think great salespeople are born? Network marketing involves sales of product and sales of the opportunity. Without sales, nothing in business happens. You need to make this connection, today: The money you make in this business is the result of commissions earned from products sold.

If you are insecure about selling, get training. There are countless books and seminars available, in addition to the wealth of knowledge stored in the minds of your upline. However, you should realize that most sales training involves experience gained on the job. Due to the nature of sales, there is no better training than pure action. Take action today, and your fears of inadequacy will quickly be replaced by the confidence of competence.

Action Statement: Within the next 48 hours I will present my product line to a prospect solely on the grounds of making a sale, and not recruiting.

Newbie Trap: Failing to recognize your weaknesses and take action to resolve them.

Newbie Trap: Lacking focus. Don’t try to do too much at the same time. Focus your efforts in a specific area, such as sales, master this area, them move to another.


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