Believe in Your Opportunity

“If you know your product, prospects and customers will look on you not

as a peddler, but as an expert—a sales counselor for your product.”

If you don’t believe in your opportunity, will others? When you first start, it may be difficult to believe in the plan. You’ve heard it presented several times, and you’re excited about it, but in actuality your confidence in the plan is based purely on faith. Faith that says: “if they can do it, so can I.”

Keep the faith.
If the plan works
for others, it can
work for you.

When you’re just starting, faith is all you have going for you. And, until you begin to see a few small successes in the business, you’ll have to rely on this faith to see you through.

Stay close to your sponsor, attend opportunity meetings regularly, try to bring a guest to each meeting, and present yourself in a professional manner. Eventually you can believe in the opportunity for yourself and be an example for other people’s faith.

In the end, life gives you pretty much what you ask of it, and things turn out pretty much the way you expect. Henry Ford once said, “If you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” Ironically, circumstances in life seem to reflect our expectations and preconceived notions.

Take for example, the man who moved his family in search of a more congenial neighborhood. He asked the real estate agent, “What kind of people live around here?” The agent answered the question with a question, “What kind of people lived in your old neighborhood?” “Oh, they were a rude and thoughtless lot,” the man answered. The sales agent shook her head in dismay and folded up her brochures. “Then I’m sorry, the people here are the same.”

How many people have you interacted with today? Did you share the dream with any of them? Successful network marketers share the dream with numerous people every day, knowing that somewhere out there, is the right person for this opportunity.

You can’t get anywhere
in this business
by keeping the opportunity
a secret.

Network marketers live by their mouth. That is, their mouth is the key ingredient in a marketing strategy that demands, “talking up” the opportunity. If you can learn to share the dream in a concise and interesting way, overcome your hesitancy to meet strangers, and simply ask people “are you interested?” you will be on the path to multi-level marketing success.


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