Be Yourself

Network marketing is unique in the business world in that it is the only business where your true success is visible to everyone around you. People in your downline know how many other people you have in your organization, and can guess, based on company privileges and sales volume awards, what kind of income you have. Those in your upline, are of course, knowledgeable of your status also.

If you try to recruit prospects by inflating your income, you will be found out. If you try to become something you are not, such as a sophisticated playboy, eventually you will be humiliated. Why risk it? Why go through the hassle? Be yourself. That is where your power is.

Be true to yourself,
and grow through integrity,

The true measure of success is doing and being what you want. Accept no imitations. We all have habits and business practices that could use revision and/or improvement, and that is where training from your sponsor and others above you is helpful. But, don’t change your values to fit the mold of someone in your Up-line.

Values are what make you an individual. They’re why your spouse stands beside you, and what you children look up to. Don’t compromise yourself for business. Be true to yourself, and succeed with your character and family intact.

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