Are You Ready To Take The Field ? Direct Selling

As a Direct Selling Business owner, you could be a part of large corporation whose sales exceed a few billion dollars of which a considerably large amount is paid back as bonuses and incentives to business owners just like you. You could also have a portal or dot com that could be in the forefront in rankings across the industry in different categories.

You may also have a huge back end support system processing a huge number of orders and effectively coordinating the delivery of products across continents. Besides, you might also have a efficient team of Customers Service professionals handling a equally large volume of telephone orders transactions-some in less than a minute.

The question isn’t whether you have your hands on a viable business or not. The question is: how much of its viability are you ready to capitalize on ?

The good news is that it won’t require any formal education for you to start making money in your business. Regardless of what you have or have not done in the past or what career choices you may have made, you can achieve that kind of success you dream of.

What your success will require is that you learn and apply new information. Let’s face it, if you knew how to make the kind of residual income you need to live the lifestyle of you dreams, you would have done it already. So what is there to learn ?

Aside from the obvious  – – the web site, the products, the business plan – learning to manage time, money, and people is integral to success. For the most part we’ll talking about people skills because they are the bedrock of this business. As great as the dot com the products, and the compensation plan are, it is people who build profitable business.

And here’s the tricky part:  in the business people do not work for you. You have no power to hire or fire people base on their performance nor does anyone need your approval to get a raise or time off. The only influence you have over you prospects, customers, is the influence you earn.

So how, without the luxury of authority, do we influence people? This is the sticking point for most people. And it is the difference between failure and success at every level in you business.

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